Every diamond is unique, here's why

Like a snowflake or fingerprint, no two diamonds are the same. They have different qualities that make them unique, whilst also affecting their appearance and ultimately their value.

Our friendly experts will help you best understand these differences in order to make the right decision in choosing your perfect ring.

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Every diamond is as unique as every relationship

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Presenting the stone makes all the difference

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Every diamond is unique, here's why

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Diamonds Are Our Passion

We maintain that jewellery is a trade like no other, and because the finished product is something to be cherished and admired for many years to come, the very highest of standards must be kept in the production process.

A measure of the years of our contribution to the industry is shown by our membership to both the London Diamond Bourse, as well as the British Jewellery Association.

Between our staff, we have a combined total of two hundred and fifty years of experience of working within the jewellery industry, with two members of staff being a part of the initial staff from 1961. With all of this experience we aim to collaborate with you at every step of the way in order to ensure that the final, finished design perfectly captures what you had in mind at the start of the design process.

We aspire to create unique, bespoke pieces of jewellery that you will cherish forever and will remain in your family for many years to come.

Our Diamonds

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